Thursday, January 25, 2018

बिंदी या...

ज़हीन लगता है चेहरा सुकून और इल्म से
शरारतों में भी तुम्हारी नज़ाक़त दिखती है

माथे की बिंदी है तुम्हारी या उर्दू का नुक़्ता।

The face reflects intelligence of peace and knowledge
There's an elegance even in your teases; your pranks

Is that a bindi on your temple or the nuqta of Urdu?

नुक़्ता: is a term for a diacritic mark that was introduced in Devanāgari (and some other Indian scripts) used to represent sounds from other languages that do not have a native character in these scripts. It takes the form of a dot placed below a character.

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